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Candra Colla Niswanger

Candra is a multifaceted artist whose skill set in multitasking and time management allow her the ability to not only be a singer, songwriter, anointed worship leader and published author, but also to own a successful financial practice while managing her multiple companies with her husband Trevor. She is a proud mother of three amazing adult children and delights in traveling and ministering to others as a guest worship leader, speaker and strategy consultant. Candra’s passion in everything, is to see people be moved by the Holy Spirit, walking in freedom, refreshed and empowered through intimate relationship with our Loving God.

"I worked for Candra Oakes-Niswanger for over a decade. During that time she taught me how to run a successful business using organization, processes and impeccable client service. Perhaps more importantly, she showed me by example and guidance how to have a work-life balance that many people deem unobtainable. From a newly graduated college student to a married woman with 3 kids and a career, Candra has been there for me every step of the way and has made me a success story. Diana Whitaker, Great Falls, MT "

"The time I spent with Candra is etched in my memory as a time of critical growth.  I still often think of the questions she asked and the statements she made that challenged and stretched my thinking.  She continually took the time to really hear me, and she focused on building a relationship that allowed me to really hear her in return.  I felt valued, safe and encouraged.  Additionally, her coaching created exponential growth in areas that would propel me in the future seasons of my life. Kelsy Colwell "

"I have been blessed to call Candra my friend and spiritual counselor of over 20 years. I trust her guidance implicitly because I know she has immersed herself in the Lord's word. Whether I've wanted to hear her message or not, I've always trusted it to be what I've needed to hear. Her guidance has always led me in the right direction - Sara Alexander, Billings, MT "

"Candra gave me the tools I needed to develop intimacy and communication, first, with the One who gifted me in worship, teaching, and in leadership. Next, she took an intimidated, beat down worshiper and replaced all of the lies that I had believed with truth. She believed in me and poured wisdom and encouragement into my life, until my tank was full enough for me to believe in myself. I've learned so much from her mentoring and friendship. Because of what she's taught me, dead dreams are living again, new dreams have been discovered,  and I have increased faith to believe that God's plans for my life are limitless. For the rest of my life, she will be one of the most influential people in my life. I am grateful for her prophetic gifting, for her passion, and her incredible leadership ability. Pam Worley, Great Falls MT "

"Throughout the 6years of getting to know Candra she has taken the time out to give me pointers on how to grow my brand, understand the value and importance of time and other people's time.  I credit her for creating the creative monster that I am today.  Also during our time working together on music she is always stretching my ear muscle to get the best out of the music that we work on together. Lastly she never fails to remind me of the Man that God has called me to be. And when you have that type of person in your corner you can't help but become great. I can go on and on but for the sake of time, I just want to say that this young lady has been a blessing in my life. Christopher Grant, Kingdom Beats, Alabama"

"Working with Candra has truly been refreshing, encouraging and empowering! She is an amazing leader to many and has the rare gift of understanding artistry and administration, as well as developing others by identifying and pulling out gifts. I have worked with many worship leaders and I have always been blown away by how amazing Candra is at leading a congregation in to the Father's heart and also leading her team into grabbing hold of their calling and potential. She has also been a great accountability source for me to continue to press forward in my gifting as well. But above and beyond all these great things she truly models the love of Christ. I thank God for Candra Niswanger!!! Tom Bingeman, Vocal Coach Seattle WA "


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