Kingdom Academy (Membership)

The Academy is a dynamic community to grow and discover your life purpose through weekly guest speakers, online events, a full library of resources and so much more.  Don't delay. Reserve your spot in the Academy today!  Membership is $350/mo.

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Tearing Down Strongholds (Recorded Class)

In the days when the Bible was written, a stronghold was a fortress or defensive structure. Paul uses the picture of these structures to illustrate a spiritual truth. Our thoughts form fortresses in our minds. Satan’s fortress holds people in bondage as captive prisoners. Jesus’s fortress delivers, saves, shields and protects us.

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From Bust to Booming

Three days of knowledge and insight of how to close out the old year so you can open the new with peace and excitement for the opportunities ahead of you

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Saturated in Him

Sataurated In Him is a powerful worship album we recorded live. Our heart is that you will worship with us and become "Saturated in His Presence!"

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Candra All4Him

All4Him is and uplifting and inspirational worship album that will encourage you minister to your heart.  This is a project of obedience and love.

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The Blessing

The Blessing captures all of my favorite Christmas songs rewritten to direct you to the King.  A labor of Love from the whole team.  This is a favorite!

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His Promise 20 Years Later

This is a  personal and intimate journey of how Candra's faith brought her through a personal storm with restored hope a deeper revelation of Who's you are!

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Mind Games

MIND GAMES  is a six part series based on Ephesians 6:10.We all need to be reminded of the authority we carry and how to walk out this journey of life strong and equipped! 

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Word and Power Book Club

This interactive group meets Thursday nights, 6PM MST via Zoom.  Can't join us live on Thursdays? That's ok! Catch the replay on your private portal!

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Power In The Blood

The Official Music Video Downloadable Chord Chart Downloadable MP3

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The Official Music Video Downloadable Chord Chart Downloadable MP3

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Holy Spirit Come

The Official Music Video Downloadable Chord Chart Downloadable MP3

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Candra is a multifaceted artist whose skill set in multitasking and time management allow her the ability to not only be a singer, songwriter, anointed worship leader and published author, but also managing her multiple companies with her husband Trevor. She is the proud mother of three amazing adult children and delights in traveling and ministering to others as a guest worship leader and speaker.

Candra’s passion in everything, is to see people transformed by the Holy Spirit, walking in freedom, refreshed and empowered through an intimate relationship with our Loving God!

Joey is the senior Pastor of Evergreen Church in Roanoke Virgina.  He is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and worship leader who moves in the gifts of the Spirit.  His delivery of the gospel is with such compasion and love for God's people, which pours over into his home. He is the father of four beautiful children along side his bride Ashley.   Joey's heart is for every person to be healed and walking in their full idenity of Christ. 


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