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Academy Tuition

Choose $199/mo or Annual Single Pay $1,999  (Reg $38,960)


 You're going to get... 

  • Weekly Warrior Wednesday teachings with special guests  (Reg $14, 995)
  • The Kings Table Prophetic insight hour  (Reg $1,995

  • Access quarterly Prophetic Cafe rooms  (Reg $1,995)

  • Get connected with our Warrior X online family  (Reg $1,995)

  • 24/7 access to the Warrior X  training vault (Reg $2,995)

  • With VIP upgrade: Lifetime participation pass and group coaching.   (Reg $1,995)

  • Connect with our Prayer Team through the Warriors' Wall   (Priceless )

  • Live interactive monthly prayer meetings (Priceless)

  • Your own private online portal with all your tools for success. (Reg $9,995)

  • Engage with our strategy teams and guests. (Reg $2,995)

  •  Plus, MORE!


Monthly payment of $199/mo

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Annual Payment of $1,999

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