Yasou Maraki

In this beautiful coffee table book, Yasou Maraki, written by Maria Billinis, she shares a discovery of rich heritage and family history through her love of cooking and family. In each chapter, you will experience her passion and heart through a new authentic Greek recipe along with intriguing stories about her rich Greek heritage and deep love within her family growing up! Each recipe will satisfy your palate, and just maybe, you will begin some new traditions for your own family. In this adventuous read, Maraki takes you along on a beautiful

journey from orphan to adoption, and the realization that family is where the heart is!


His Promise . . . 20 Years Later

This author's story is compelling and heartfelt. She opens her book with an intriguing vision from God and then presents her background and testimony with honesty and enthusiasm. The author is candid about difficult experiences she has had, but she is also optimistic and contagiously excited about her life in Christ. This is a human story that readers will relate to easily, and it is written with inspiring wisdom and authority. The author's skillful use of narrative and her occasional interweaving of Bible verses make her book both moving and useful to read.


Is It Possible to Stop Sinning?

There are a couple common beliefs in Christianity today: one holds that Christians living on earth will inevitably continue to sin until they graduate to heaven, and the other holds that it is possible for Christians to be without sin even while living on earth. Of course, the major factor in this discussion is what the Bible says. For example, What is sin? What does God say about it? What does God tell us to do about it? What did Jesus provide in the atonement? This book delves into great detail on the subject and includes Biblical support from many relevant Scriptures, showing God’s heart on the matter, in a way that is both theologically relevant and practical in everyday life.


One Nation Under God... Again!

One of the recent discussions that has been generating more heat than light lately pertains to the spiritual underpinnings of the Founding Fathers of these United States: whether or not they intended to include Biblical/Christian principles in the founding documents, and therefore the entire fabric of our American society.  Rather than simply quoting recent writings concerning what the Founders “must have” meant, it is much more reliable to look at the writings of the Founders themselves, in context, compare their content to the Bible, and see how well they match. f the Body of Christ rises to the challenge, we will indeed be one nation under God . . .again!


Prophets vs. Seers: Is There a Difference?

There are Bible teachers who teach that prophets and seers are fundamentally different, and they offer some supporting evidence, while others say they merely variations in manifestation of fundamentally the same gift and calling. Is there enough Scriptural evidence to conclude that they are the same kind of person, or the same kind of calling, or are they indeed different? And then what about a “man of God” (or “woman of God”)? Are they just prophets using a different descriptor, or are they a totally different kind of ministry? An in-depth analysis of related Scriptures leads the author to a solid conclusion.


Extra-Biblical Truth: A Valid Concept?

There is a theory that says that God will not do nor say anything for which there is not a Biblical precedent, nor would He reveal a doctrine that was hitherto unheard of. Is this theory reasonable? Does the Bible itself address the question of God doing or saying things that are not already exemplified in the Bible itself? Actually, the Bible does address this question very clearly, and in several different ways. This book illustrates how to analyze and discern, from a Scriptural point of view, events and practices for which the Bible doesn't have specific examples.   



Candra is a multifaceted artist whose skill set in multitasking and time management allow her the ability to not only be a singer, songwriter, anointed worship leader and published author, but also managing her multiple companies with her husband Trevor. She is the proud mother of three amazing adult children and delights in traveling and ministering to others as a guest worship leader and speaker.

Candra’s passion in everything, is to see people transformed by the Holy Spirit, walking in freedom, refreshed and empowered through an intimate relationship with our Loving God!


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